• Beach bathers listening to music painting


  • Painting of a woman sunbathing while sitting


  • Abstract painting in blues and greens


  • Two women dancing against a colorful background oil painting


  • People having lunch in a restaurant by the lake Oil on Canvas


  • Upclose view of an Orange slice painting


  • Afternoon playtime at home


  • Colorful and stylistic Brooklyn Bridge


  • Two kids hanging out while sitting on a bench


  • Two canoes resting beside the water painting

    Earlier Paintings

2021 Paintings

Sunbathers lounging around the beach musicBeach Music

Beach Music

Dancer practicing in a dance studio paintingDance Practice

Dance Practice

Kids playing in the sand Oil Painting on LinenBeach Babies Painting

Beach Babies

Girl feeding young boy ice cream paintingLove is ...

Love is ...

Girl in a room looking outside a window PaintingWishing for Outside

Wishing for Outside

2020 Paintings

A women sitting on steps Oil PaintingA Day in the Sun

A Day in the Sun

2019 Paintings

abstract painting blues and greensAbstract Painting Freewheeling


abstract painting, blues and greens, brush strokes and dripping paintAbstract Painting Curves and Lines

Curves and Lines

Women and kids at a garden wedding Oil on LinenGarden Wedding

Garden Wedding

A Women reclining on the beach Oil on LinenRelaxing on the Beach

Relaxing on the Beach

people sitting watching and waiting Oil on LinenWatching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting

Four bathing beauties at the beach Oil on LinenBathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

Four bathing beauties at the beach Oil on Linen“Look at Me!”

“Look at Me!”

People in the park with balloonsAbstract Painting Balloons in the Park

Balloons in the Park

Linear abstract painting in blues, purples and greensAbstract Painting Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge

Men and Women Dancing Oil on LinenThe Beach

The Beach

Girl looking up at women in black shoes Oil on Linen“You Can't Make Me!”

“You Can't Make Me!”

2018 Paintings

Little boy standing in front of a Man Oil on LinenThe Man is Watching

The Man is Watching

Men and Women Dancing Oil on LinenYou Should Be Dancing

You Should Be Dancing

Abstract and colorful umbrella courtyard scene Oil on LinenShade


Two babies painting pictures Oil on LinenBabies Painting

Babies Painting

2 women dancing Oil on CanvasJoyful Dance

Joyful Dance

2017 Paintings

People having lunch in a restaurant by the lake Oil on CanvasLakeside Restaurant

Lakeside Restaurant

A cellist playing music in the city oil on CanvasThe Cellist

The Cellist

A man stadning by a table where people are eating Oil on CanvasGrand Luxe Café

Grand Luxe Café

A man standing against a parked car on a street Oil on CanvasCuba


A woman waiting on the patio Oil on CanvasWoman on the Patio

Woman on the Patio

Musicians playing a concert at night Oil on CanvasNight Music

Night Music

People spending time outdoors by a hammock Oil on CanvasSummer Breezes

Summer Breezes

Three kids and a turtle by the pool Oil on CanvasKids and Turtle

Kids and Turtle

Two boys canoeing through the woods Oil on CanvasCanoeing Through the Woods

Canoeing Through the Woods

Two boys sitting on the stoop with a ball Oil on CanvasTwo Boys Sitting

Two Boys Sitting

Commuters riding the train Oil on LinenThe Subway

The Subway

2016 Paintings

Girls stting and talking Oil on CanvasTwo Girls Sitting and Talking

Girl Talk

Boys Fishing Oil on CanvasTwo Boys Fishing in Autumn

Boys Fishing

Girl Reading Oil on CanvasGirl Reading

Girl Reading

Girl leaning on a chair near a dog Oil on CanvasGirl leaning on a chair next to a dog

Girl with Dog

Setting the Table Oil on CanvasA Woman Setting the Table

Setting the Table

Bicycle Path Oil on CanvasKids on a Bicycle Path

Bicycle Path

Woman Walking Oil on CanvasWoman Walking

Woman Walking

Orange Slice Oil on CanvasOrange Slice sitting on a napkin

Orange Slice

Hanging with the Guys Oil on CanvasMen sitting around painting

Hanging with the Guys

Ballet Studio Oil on CanvasPiano player and ballet dancer painting

Ballet Studio

Outdoor Brunch Oil on Canvaspeople eating brunch in an outdoor amphitheater

Outdoor Brunch

Dancing in the Woods Oil on CanvasDancing in the Woods

Dancing in the Woods

Outdoor Gathering Oil on Canvaspeople hanging out together painting


Impromptu Acrylic on CanvasColorful abstract painting


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2015 Paintings

Logs in the Lake Oil on CanvasLogs in the Lake

Logs in the Lake

Playtime Oil on CanvasMother and daugther playing


Father and Daughter Oil on CanvasFather and Daughter in the park

Father & Daughter

Man with a Camera Oil on CanvasMan with a Camera

Man with a Camera

Saxophone Player Oil on CanvasSaxophone Player

Saxophone Player

Man's Portrait 1 Oil on CanvasMan's Portrait 1

Man's Portrait 1

Man's Portrait 2 Oil on CanvasMan's Portrait 2

Man's Portrait 2

Man's Portrait 3 Oil on CanvasMan's Portrait 3

Man's Portrait 3

Man's Portrait 4 Oil on CanvasMan's Portrait 4

Man's Portrait 4

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2014 Paintings

Beyond the Railing Oil on CanvasBeyond the Railing

Beyond the Railing

Brooklyn Bridge Oil on CanvasBrooklyn Bridge

Bridge Group (tripdych)

Evening Bridge Oil on CanvasEvening Bridge

Evening Bridge

Boats in a Calm Bay Oil on CanvasBoats in a Calm Bay

Boats in a Calm Bay

Thinking Oil on CanvasThinking


Children Playing Oil on CanvasChildren Playing

Children Playing

Pears Still Life Watercolor PaintingPears on a tablecloth


Still Life with Reds Oil on CanvasStill Life with Reds

Still Life with Reds

Still life with Browns Oil on CanvasStill life with Browns painting

Still life with Browns

Blue Tree & Canoe Oil on CanvasBlue Tree & Canoe

Blue Tree & Canoe

Bend & Stretch Oil Pastel and Paper CollageBend & Stretch

Bend & Stretch

Dance Oil Pastel and Paper CollageDance


Sports Oil Pastel and Paper CollageSports


Mother and Son Oil on CanvasMother and Son

Mother and Son

Waiting Oil on CanvasWaiting


Irises Watercolor paintingIrises and Fruit


Blue Interior Oil on CanvasBlue Interior

Blue Interior

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2013 Paintings

White Pitcher with Fruit Oil on CanvasWhite Pitcher with Fruit

White Pitcher with Fruit

Fishing in the Mist Oil on CanvasFishing in the Mist

Fishing in the Mist

Girls Hugging Oil on CanvasGirls Hugging

Girls Hugging

 Canal Oil on Canvas Canal

Shanghai Canal

Kids on a Bench Oil on CanvasKids on a Bench

Kids on a Bench

Pink Flowers Oil on CanvasPink Flowers in a vase sitting on a table painting

Pink Flowers

Irises and Fruit Oil on CanvasIrises and Fruit

Irises and Fruit

The Long Road Oil on CanvasThe Long Road

The Long Road

Woman in Yellow Canoe Oil on CanvasWoman in Yellow Canoe

Woman in Yellow Canoe

Embrace 2 Oil on CanvasEmbrace 2

Embrace 2

Harlequin Oil on CanvasHarlequin


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Earlier Paintings

Fruit Oil on CanvasFruit


Best Friends Oil on CanvasBest Friends

Best Friends

In the Meadow Oil on CanvasIn the Meadow

In the Meadow

Girl and Dog Oil on CanvasGirl and Dog

Girl and Dog

Peaceful Afternoon Oil on CanvasPeaceful Afternoon

Peaceful Afternoon

Sand Castles Oil on CanvasSand Castles

Sand Castles

Pump it Up Oil on CanvasPump it Up

Pump it Up

Cafe Sur la Plage Oil on CanvasCafe Sur la Plage

Cafe Sur la Plage

Summer House Oil on CanvasSummer House

Summer House

Poppies in Bucket Oil on CanvasPoppies in Bucket

Poppies in Bucket

Horseback Riding Oil on CanvasHorseback Riding painting

Horseback Riding

Girl Leading Goat Oil on CanvasGirl Leading Goat

Girl Leading Goat

Asian Bridge Oil on CanvasAsian Bridge

Asian Bridge

Canoes Oil on CanvasCanoes


Kids on Beach Oil on CanvasKids on Beach

Kids on the Beach

Melting Trees Oil on CanvasMelting Trees

Melting Trees

Palm Trees Oil on CanvasPalm Trees

Palm Trees

Rocks on Beach Oil on CanvasRocks on Beach

Rocks on Beach

Rowboat on Dock Oil on CanvasRowboat on Dock

Rowboat on Dock

Town Square Oil on CanvasTown Square

Town Square

Tropical Village Oil on CanvasTropical Village

Tropical Village

Cold Cappuccino Oil on CanvasCold Cappuccino

Cold Cappuccino

Embrace 1 Oil on CanvasEmbrace 1


Romance Oil on CanvasRomance


Croquet Oil on CanvasCroquet


Inseparable Oil on CanvasInseparable


Let The Sun Shine Oil on CanvasLet The Sun Shine

Let The Sun Shine

Contemplation Oil on CanvasContemplation


The River Oil on CanvasThe River beside a mountain painting

The River

Whimsical Chair Oil on CanvasWhimsical Chair


Yellow Girl Painting Oil on CanvasYellow Girl Painting

Yellow Girl Painting

Celebration Oil on CanvasCelebration


Creation Oil on CanvasCreation


Home Run Oil on CanvasHome Run

Home Run

Rainy Day Oil on CanvasRainy day

Rainy Day

Sliver of City Sky Oil on CanvasSliver of City Sky

Sliver of City Sky

Yoga Oil on CanvasYoga


Mountain Village WatercolorMountain Village

Mountain Village

Path to the Beach Oil on CanvasPath to the Beach

Path to the Beach

Secret Garden Oil on CanvasSecret Garden

Secret Garden

Teapots Oil on CanvasTeapots


Apples, Pears and Oranges PastelApples, Pears and Oranges pastels

Apples, Pears and Oranges

Pansies WatercolorPansies Watercolor


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